Would you say that your information technology infrastructure is helping or hindering your business? 

Are you spending more and more time, outside of business activities managing and coaxing your computers?  If you are looking for a partner that knows how to make businesses successful through improved technology, you've come to the right place.

For many businesses, affording and maintaining their technology infrastructure is a challenge.  We can help you determine the right mix of hardware, software and technology systems that promote office productivity, streamlines operations and even reduces the length of a business' sales cycle. Most importantly, the way businesses leverage technology is often reflected on their balance sheet in the form of greater productivity.

At Software & Things, we're dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area to meet their business goals through optimized managed IT services and expert tech support. We work with you to help evaluate your IT needs and provide you with effective security service and IT support – all at a fee that meets your budget.  

Our company brings 25 years experience and the knowledge you need to make your business more successful through better managed IT services and tech support.

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