Our Goal.... To keep your Business Running!

We offer a unique IT service and support approach.  We combine both “HaaS” and “IT Managed Services” into one all-inclusive support model. This allows the consolidation of hardware, WAN / Internet infrastructure, disaster recovery, software licenses, and comprehensive support services into one cost effective and pre-established payment.

Through equipment standardization, life-cycle management, and proactive IT Managed Services, computer downtime is less, which means a costs savings to our customers.

IT Managed Services:
If you are tired of maintaining and supporting your IT infrastructure, then look no further.  We can support your business through our IT managed services and avoid costly repair and recover costs, and increase IT reliability all on a fixed fee.   (see more)

Hardware as a Service (HaaS)
Our HaaS package is an effective way to ease your frustrations from the need for new equipment.  We will provide you access to the latest and greatest technology, upgrades and on-going support on a flat monthly fee that eliminates the need for large capital outlays.  Your company will benefit from the fact that your employees will have the equipment, service and support they need to do thier job. (see more)

Network Security:
Our network security systems are specifically designed for small and medium sized businesses and provide a first line of defense against outside attacks and unwanted intrusions.  By protecting against unwanted intrusion into your network, you prevent Trojans from entering your system and protect your company against loss of customer data. (see more)

Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR) planning:
Businesses are right to worry about losing their data in case of an accident or a disaster.  Without a comprehensive data backup and recovery plan, businesses risk losing their entire company.  Software & Things offers backup and recover options to safeguard critical information against loss. (see more) >>>> FREE review of your Backup Plan