Network Security

You Manage Your Business,
We'll Manage the Technology that runs it.

Small and medium-sized businesses are especially vulnerable to the current economic climate.  They need to concentrate on increasing sales, lowering operational costs and keeping their clients happy, rather than worry about staff surfing the internet or that their clients’ information is attacked and exposed by hackers.

The challenge for small and medium-sized businesses is that these risks need to be managed while running a business and often times, running the business takes precedent.  Consequently the lack of attention to staff productivity and client information security erodes the relationship necessary to provide exceptional service to hard earned business.  Oftentimes, running the business’ IT systems becomes a full-time job and the owner has difficulty concentrating on bringing in business and this minimizes the potential for growth.
Software and Things offers a security system to manage these risks.  The system allows you to set filters so that your staff have access to what you want them to see on-line and they can devote their work-hours on business related matters rather than surfing the net.  The security system also protects your computers from outside attacks by preventing unwanted intrusions to your network and protecting your clients’ information.

Our security systems offer you:

  • Affordable monthly fee based on your budget.

Please contact us to discuss how we can ensure your system is secure, and more importantly, bring peace of mind.

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